Tankless heater

From September 2022, we decided to suspend the marketing of our tankless water heater. You can check all our other products on our products page, including our new Skywater system.

The operating principle of the Elioteknology self-storage system is simple: the water is heated by greenhouse effect and stored directly in the solar sensor which also acts as a vat. Hot water is produced in a few minutes, the process is fast and the water remains available and clean. There is no loss of transfer between the elements and no circulation is required to heat the water. The smallest amount of sunlight can be converted into heat and used efficiently.

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The + of the range

  • 150 or 300 liters capacity

  • All-in-one tankless compact solar water heater

  • High pressure, maximum operating pressure 5 Bars

  • Fast and easy to install

  • Light weight, easy handling

  • Short payback period

  • High performance

  • This product is SOLARKEYMARK-DIN CERTCO certified

Video presentation

Installation process of the tankless heater and its optional components