Elioteknology Skywater

Save on your energy bill! Whether you own an electric or a thermodynamic water heater, the SKYWATER system can directly power a 220V heating element up to 3,600W.

With a simple and quick installation process, the SKYWATER system does not require any specific skills. In case of low sunshine (on night time or on rainy days), the system automatically switches to the power grid to maintain a permanent supply of hot water.

The SKYWATER system was also designed for thermal solar systems profesionnals: it allows you to get rid of the controller, the pump and the water pipe network between the roof collectors and the vertical tank inside the building. What Else?!

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The + of Skywater

  • Plug-and-play installation design

  • MPPT technology for maximum conversion efficiency

  • Wide input and output voltage ranges

  • Can supply heating devices up to 4,000 W