Flat plate collectors

10 years warranty

10 years warranty

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ELIOTEKNOLOGY’s flat plate collectors were designed to be reliable and robust. Whatever model you choose, the frame of our collectors are made in anodised aluminium. This guarantees corrosion resistance, limits the weight of the collector without compromising its robustness. In order to optimize heat maintenance, insulation is guaranteed through a 35 to 55 mm rockwool coating. ELIOTEKNOLOGY’s flat plate collectors can work under up to 12 bars pressure.

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2 ranges

Bluetec sensor – FPC1200D model

Bluetec flat plate collectors receive a surface treatment on the absorber which filters and optimizes UV radiations.
They are recommended for areas with low solar irradiation.

Bluetec flat plate collector

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Titanium range

Titanium flat plate collectors with selective coating are recommended for areas with extreme weather conditions. They are especially robust and efficient, and they are a perfect fit for a wide range of projects.
They are available in 4 sizes from 2 to 3 sqm.

Bluetec flat plate collector

2M & 2.5M datasheet

2.7M & 3M datasheet