ELIOTEKNOLOGY’s clients get their personalized packaging. They only need to provide us with their company design, with all the elements they want to print on the packaging (logo, company name, phone number…).

During the packing process, ELIOTEKNOLOGY also implments a specific marking on the boxes. This provides a double advantage:

  1. it allows our clients to quickly identify, upon delivery, the products they ordered.
  2. it allows our clients to manage their storage process more easily.

On our packaging, our clients can identify (for instance): the product type, the volume, the orientation (vertical or horizontal, right or justify, top or bottom tank).

All our products are packed in a packaging which guarantees the highest safety for the goods.

Loading plan

Each order comes with a loading plan. This allows us to propose the best and most cost-effective solution to our clients: container 20 pieds, 40 pieds 40 HQ, each loaded to their optimal capacity.

Elioteknology's loading plan

Example of a loading plan for a 40′ HQ container

Order tracking

Easily track your orders on your smartphone thanks to our ELIOTEKNOLOGY app and focus on your core-business operations. As a client, you receive your own personal access code to track the status and position of your order:

  1. Production date
  2. Ship loading date
  3. Up-to-date position of your container and ETA at your final destination port

Other information such as the items list, shipping documents, forwarding information,… is available on the order details through the Elioteknology app.
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Elioteknology's loading plan

Administrative follow-up

All the export process is handled by ELIOTEKNOLOGY’s logistic and adminstrative team: Bill of Lading, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, invoices…). This allows our client to focus on their own company’s added value and avoid cumbersome and sometimes complex processes. ELIOTEKNOLOGY handles the contact with the shipping company and the forwarder, and produces all the necessary documents to export the goods. We send an email to our clients with all the documents required for custom clearance at the port of delivery.