Built to last

ELIOTEKNOLOGY is a Hong Kong-based company, with French management and a worldwide presence, specialized in the design and production of thermal equipment using solar energy. ELIOTEKNOLOGY developped the first smart solar water heater “I-Cuve”.

We are committed to design and manufacture sustainable and lasting equipment which provide well-being and comfort to everyone, while taking part in the protection of environment. ELIOTEKNOLOGY is proud to support PLANETE URGENCE in its action for reforestation.

Present on 5 continents, ELIOTEKNOLOGY exports more than 80% of its production worldwide. Our commercial strength lies in our ability to design and distribute products in accordance with national or international standards. This requires a continuous adaptation of our manufacturing processes, using high-end equipment and qualified personnel. All our products are tested and certified by accredited laboratories and European or Anglo-Saxon certification bodies.